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Eco-Friendly; Autodidactic Polyglot; Communication Specialist; Avant-Garde Mixologist; Stoic; Minimalist; Audiophile; & Cinephile.

A Logical Guide


Although entertaining some oriented aspects of God(s) and the generic idea of religion, the logics used in this article refer to broader — more universal — ideas of God(s) in a scientific and secular sense, which entails the contemplation of whether singular or multiple supreme-like entities can, do or don’t…

…Not To Get Swole

The words big & swole for this piece express being shredded but ostentatiously muscular.

I’ve had my best thoughts and made the best decisions when I’m on my own time and feel unprecedentedly unencumbered — a freeing feeling I’ve felt more than a couple of times.

Rebuttals to the Mainstream, Perceived Benefits; My Thought Process; & the Questions I Asked Myself

The Candy

I imagined the freedom, the flexibility, & the avenues that would’ve opened up to me had I gotten a car. Maybe I wouldn’t need to anymore; perhaps I can enjoy all those and other seemingly indispensable benefits and luxuries of life by just getting one.

“If I wanted a cup…

A dynamic account of creative exploits of an avant-garde mixologist.

From vodka to scotch, liqueurs to bitters, & botanicals to tinctures, I appreciate all the elixirs of the earth. …

Turned to Comedic Relief

It was another mundane moment in another, however unsurprising, but an unusually uneventful night at his underutilizing work. But that was nothing new because he understood that the upkeep of societal functioning mandates a tireless cognition for those who engage in what may seem like grunt-work. And those who enjoy…

Nyck Kochhar

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